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Getting Started with the Endurance Lab?

Congratulations! You are signed up for the Endurance Lab!

Below are the next steps to get ready to start your training:

  1. Sign up for a Training Peaks (TP) account (Athlete Edition) using the same e-mail used to sign up for the Lab. The Basic account is free and has everything you need to participate in the Lab. A Premium account is not required, but if you are interested, you can sign up at a 20% discount by joining the Kraken Club.
    • If you already have a TP account, and the email used for TP is the same you used to sign up for the Lab, you are all set!
    • If you already have a TP account, and the email used for TP is different than the one you used to sign up for the Lab, please send us your TP email to
    • You will receive your Training Plan with all the workouts via Training Peaks!
  2. Connect your Zwift account to your Training Peaks account. This will make your workout of the day automatically available in Zwift and, once completed, the workout data will be saved in Training Peaks!
    • Log in to your account in Zwift -- Click on “Settings” then “Connections”
    • Click “Connect” under Training Peaks
  3. You will receive an email from one of the coaches with the shared Training Plan to apply to your TP account - just follow the instructions in the email.
    • Your bike workout for each day will be automatically uploaded to Zwift. When you log in to Zwift to ride, simply select your workout under “Select Your Workout" => "Training Peaks Custom Workouts"
    • Note that only the workout for a given day from your TP calendar will show up in Zwift on that same day. If you want to change the days you want to perform workouts in a given week, you can move the workouts in your TP calendar accordingly.
  4. You will receive an email with the invitation to sign up for the Endurance Lab forum.

That’s it! Get excited to Train Smart, Learn More, and Get Results!

Optional Downloads

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