Race Ready Lab – Cycling



Race Ready Lab – Cycling

6 weeks of targeted training to get you ready for your race(s)

The Race Ready Lab is designed to prepare cyclists to compete in their main event or series of events of the season. The Lab is 6 weeks long and it focuses on the energy systems and zones used on race day. The plan includes proper peak and taper periods. At the end of each week, a coach assigned to the athlete for the duration of this Lab will provide feedback on the athlete’s workouts. Start the Lab at any time. 

The Race Ready Lab includes:

  1. 6-week training plan with all custom bike workouts (bike files are compatible with Zwift and TrainingPeaks).
  2. Weekly review of workouts by one of our Certified Coaches.
  3. Exclusive forum with direct access to:
    • Certified Cycling and Triathlon Coaches
    • Sports Nutrition Experts
    • Mental Skills Coach
  4. Weekly educational presentations to help better understand certain training metrics and how structured training can increase your fitness.
  5. Tips on activities you can do off the bike that can help your performance on the bike.
  6. Motivation and support from a supportive community of athletes from all over the world.


Refund Policy

If requested, refunds will be issued before the sooner of (i) the start date of the Endurance Lab program purchased; or (ii) the date in which the purchaser receives access to the Training Plan. In this case, the amount to be refunded equals the amount paid minus a 10% processing fee.

No refunds will be issued after the start of the program or after the purchaser receives access to the Training Plan or its associated workout files.