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Endurance Lab Coaches

We have several decades of combined experience coaching athletes and racing across multiple cycling and triathlon disciplines. We hold USAC and ITCA licenses and are committed to developing and supporting you, the athlete.

Theia Friestedt Headshot in a green cycling jersey

Theia Friestedt

Co-founder | Coach

Theia specializes in cycling and strength for endurance athletes, combining decades of experience in a variety of sports, including yoga and TRX. Theia races road, gravel and cyclocross.

Ian Murray running across the finish line of an Ironman with a US flag around his shoulders

Ian Murray

Co-founder | Coach

With over 20 years of experience training Soldiers and over 15 years of triathlon, cycling, and distance running training, Ian has worked to develop a training methodology that helps time-constrained athletes optimize their training.

Jason Flores riding bike with Team ODZ jersey and blue Nike sunglasses

Jason Flores

Co-founder | Coach

Jason combines a strong data-driven training approach with a passion for sports nutrition. Jason understands what it takes for a time-crunched cyclist to meet their training and racing goals.

Mitch Dangremond riding a bike with a Team ODZ hat and jersey.

Mitch Dangremond

Co-founder | Coach

Mitch is a cyclist and a triathlete focusing on building and maintaining consistency in the athlete’s fitness and daily goals, so that they are able to meet their short and long term goals while remaining healthy.

Justin Wagner riding a bike in a night time race in a Team ODZ jersey.

Justin Wagner

Co-founder | Coach

Justin likes to dig in and fully understand the details of any given subject, and his approach to coaching is no different. He focuses on the fundamentals of Power based training to help athletes succeed.

Bob Christensen

Co-founder | Support

Bob enjoys amateur bike racing mostly finding the right wheel to follow. With his web development and IT skills he is a good fit to keep things working behind the scenes.

Andrea Cullen

Triathlete | Nutritionist

Andrea is a Nutritional Therapist, Pharmacist, member of the British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy, and Senior Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine.

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