Endurance Lab

Why train alone when you don't have to? Our Labs are specifically designed to help you achieve your structured training goals with a group of cyclists and triathletes working towards similar goals. Workout at a time that is convenient for you.

You will have direct access to certified coaches and experts in the various aspects of endurance training. You will also learn from your peers going through the same Lab as you and will have access to our exclusive forum. We use online training and cycling platforms including Training Peaks, Zwift, and Trainer Road to facilitate group interaction. Additional services are also available.

Execution Lab

Targeted performance training
Starts 30-July-2018 and is 8 weeks long


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Women's Execution Lab

Focused on the female athlete
Starts 30-July-2018 and is 8 weeks long


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Endurance Lab Highlights

Push yourself to new levels

Structured workouts to meet your objectives

Get your questions answered

Learn from peers and coaches

Enjoy friendly competitions

Learn about nutrition

Precise power based training

Refine your racing tactics

Group based motivation and accountability

Chose the Right Training

Training for any time of the year. Whether you are focused on a specific race or a long endurance ride, our Labs will help you get prepared without sacrificing your other priorities.

Ready to get started?
Here is what you can expect from the Lab.

The Endurance Lab is a group coaching program for cyclists and triathletes of all levels and abilities. Each program in the Lab typically runs for 6-8 weeks and is designed to help athletes achieve their training goals. Participants will have direct access to several certified coaches and experts in the various aspects of endurance training, while also learning from peers participating in the same Lab. To facilitate the group interaction we use on-line platforms such as Training Peaks, Trainer Road, and Zwift, among others. Participants may chose to use any platform or ride outside to perform the workouts by using a power meter and bike computer (e.g., Garmin, Wahoo, etc.).

Endurance Lab includes:
1. Training plan with all custom workout files compatible with most on-line training platforms and bike computers such as Garmin and Wahoo.
2. Exclusive forum with direct access to:
     • Certified Cycling and Triathlon Coaches
     • Sports Nutrition Experts
     • Mental Skills Coach
3. Weekly educational presentations to help better understand certain training metrics and how structured training can increase your fitness.
4. Tips on activities you can do off the bike that can help your performance on the bike.
5. Motivation and support from a supportive community of athletes from all over the world.

We also offer additional individualized services such as feedback on each of your workouts, further training plan updates / customization, consultations and more.

Workout Example #1

VO2 30/30s

Workout Example #2

535 Strength Efforts

Crush the Competition