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The Endurance Lab

The Endurance Lab is a group coaching program for cyclists and triathletes of all levels and abilities. Participants have direct access to certified coaches specializing in training and nutrition, and the opportunity to interact with our community of athletes through a private forum. Hot topics are discussed in our weekly podcast, Coaches Corner.

Workout at a time that is convenient for you! We use online training and cycling platforms including Training PeaksZwift, and Trainer Road to facilitate group interaction. Additional services are also available.

Additional Services

Endurance Lab Highlights

Hundreds of happy
Endurance Lab athletes

Our athletes participate in Ironman, road, gravel, cross and mountain bike events and races including Dirty Kanza, Rasputista, Tulsa Tough Crit, Powederhorn 24, and Time Trials.

  • Dean T.
    “What I really learned was having a consistent training plan with a reason, and with a group of people all in it with me together was an amazing motivational experience. All of the coaches and all of us Lab Rats together really made something special happen this year. The cost of the Labs is very affordable and the whole experience is awesome.”
    Dean T.
  • Mike P.
    “This was my first year doing any sort of structured training plan and coaching. My prior experience was mostly in HIIT style strength workouts, pilates, yoga, and the occasional 30 minute Zwift ride. I joined the Lab and did my first sprint triathlon shortly thereafter. I finished up my “season” where I knocked about 90 seconds off my best training 8k time to finish in 34:17 at the AWS re:invent conference in Las Vegas. Thanks to all the coaches for a great year of training!”
    Mike P.
  • Covi G.
    Joining the Endurance Lab has been one of the best decisions I made this season. By just following the structured workouts, my power and efficiency on the bike have improved drastically. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable and they do a great job answering our questions via the Endurance Lab Forum and the Coaches Corner [podcast]
    Covi G.

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